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Current trademark of pistols and long arms mostly produced under private label by various manufacturers in Turkey, with headquarters located in Brescia, Italy beginning mid-2002. No current U.S. importation. Previously manufactured from 1721 to August, 1997 in Gardone, VT, Italy. Previously imported and distributed until 1997 by Armsport, Inc. located in Miami, FL. Previously imported and distributed by Magnum Research, Inc. located in Minneapolis, MN (1989-1992), Quality Arms, Inc. located in Houston, TX, Armes De Chasse located in Chadds Ford, PA, Stoeger located in New York, NY, and Action Arms, Ltd. located in Philadelphia, PA.
There is some confusion on the Bernardelli trademark as there have been three different companies (Pietro Bernardelli, Vincenzo Bernardelli, and Santini Bernardelli) that have produced firearms. During the late 1980s, there were quite a lot of Pietro Bernardellis that were "dumped" in the American marketplace - these guns do not have the quality of Vincenzo Bernardelli and are not covered within the scope of this text.
The Vincenzo Bernardelli trademark was purchased by SAR Arms International (Sarsilmaz) in early 2002, and many of the older discontinued models are once again back in production, in addition to some new models. Please contact the company directly for more information, including domestic model availability, pricing, and current importation (see Trademark Index).
Due to space considerations, individual model listings are not provided in this text, but are available online free of charge. Please visit the Removed Manufacturer's List at

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