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Current manufacturer with U.S. headquarters located in Morgan, UT. Browning guns originally were manufactured in Ogden, UT, circa 1880. Browning firearms are manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in Herstal and Li├Ęge, Belgium. Beginning 1976, Browning also contracted with Miroku of Japan and A.T.I. in Salt Lake City, UT to manufacture both long arms and handguns. In 1992, Browning (including F.N.) was acquired by GIAT of France. During late 1997, the French government received $82 million for the sale of F.N. Herstal from the Walloon business region surrounding Fabrique Nationale in Belgium.
The category names within the Browning section have been arranged in an alphabetical format: - PISTOLS (& variations), RIFLES (& variations), SHOTGUNS (& variations), SPECIAL EDITIONS, COMMEMORATIVES & LIMITED MFG., and SHOT SHOW SPECIALS.
The author would like to express his sincere thanks to the Browning Collector's Association, including members Rodney Herrmann, Richard Spurzem, Jim King, Bert O'Neill, Jr., Anthony Vanderlinden, Richard Desira, Gary Chatham, Bruce Hart, and Glen Nilson for continuing to make their important contributions to the Browning section.

In addition to the models listed within this section, Browning also offered various models/variations that were available only at the annual SHOT SHOW beginning 2004. More research is underway to identify these models, in addition to their original MSRs (if listed).

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