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Previous trademark manufactured by Darne until circa 2011 and previous manufacturer located in Saint Etienne, France. Distributed exclusively from 1982-1989 by Wes Gilpin located in Dallas, TX. In 1989, Bruchet was able to get permission to use the older Darne trademark and all new manufacture can be found under the Darne listing.
Paul Bruchet manufactured his shotguns patterned after the Darne action circa 1981-2011, following his tenure at Darne as line foreman until 1979 (at which time the Darne plant closed). These new Bruchet Models were designated "A" or "B". All shotguns were totally hand made with approx. 50 guns being mfg. each year.
Since Paul Bruchet was able to retain the Darne trademark in 1989, please refer to the Darne section for current manufacture.

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