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Current sporting goods dealer and catalog company headquartered in Sidney, NE. Consumer direct (store or mail order catalog) sales only.
In addition to the models listed below, Cabela's has also offered many limited/special editions over the years. A trend has been for Cabela's to import special/limited editions that have the Cabela's private label. For more information on current special/limited editions, please visit
To celebrate its 50th Annivesary during 2011, Cabela's commissioned special/limited editions from various manufacturers. These makes/models include: Winchester Model 94 with 24 in. octagon barrel and button mag. in .38-55 WCF cal., 750 total mfg. - MSR $1,600. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Featherweight in .270 Win. cal. with recess crown and jewelled bolt and Cabela's special 50th Anniversary logo engraved on floorplate, 500 mfg. total - MSR $1,800. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Safari rifle in .458 Win. Mag. cal., features original type express rear sight, checkered Grade III walnut and Cabela's special 50th Anniversary logo engraved on floorplate, 400 mfg. total - MSR $2,200. Cooper .22 Custom Classic with Neider style buttplate with Cabela's special 50th Anniversary logo engraved on it, 100 mfg. total - MSR $3,000. Ruger No. 1 rifle in .300 H&H cal. featuring open sights and gold Cabela's 50th Anniversary logo on bottom of frame, 500 mfg. total - MSR $500. Ruger 10-22 Rifle featuring checkered circassion walnut stock and Cabela's 50th Anniversary logo laser cut into the pistol grip cap, 750 mfg. total - MSR $400. The Ruger Single Six revolver with 5 1/2 in. barrel, old style medallion grips, special serial number and gold Cabela's 50th Anniversary logo engraved on backstrap, limited mfg. - MSR $550. S&W Model 29 Revolver, 4 screw design, pinned barrel, Cabela's 50th Anniversary logo engraved on right side of frame and includes wood box, limited mfg. - MSR $1,150.
Cabela's also imports black powder cartridge Sharps replicas, revolvers, and other reproductions, mostly manufactured in Italy by A. Uberti, Pedersoli, and Pietta (please see individual sections for more info).
Cabela's imports a wide variety of black powder muzzleloading rifles and pistols, in addition to replicas of popular older Colt and Winchester firearms.
Please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms (also online) by John Allen for more information and prices on Cabela's lineup of modern black powder models.
Cabela's should be contacted directly (see Trademark Index) to receive the most recent information on their complete firearms and black powder lineups, including both special and limited editions.

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