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Current semi-auto shotgun manufacturer established during 1930, and located in Ancona, Italy. Consumer direct sales, current US agent is Pacific Sporting Arms, located in Azuza, CA. Previously distributed exclusively late 2005-2008 by Dewing's Fly & Gun Shop, located in West Palm Beach, FL. Previously imported 2005-2008 by Pacific Sporting Arms, located in Azuza, CA, from 2003-2004 by Old Friends Hunting & Shooting Co., from 1985-2003 by New England Arms Co., and from 2001-2002 by Autumn Sales, Inc., located in Fort Worth, TX. Please contact the factory directly for more information and model availability (see Trademark Index).
Approximately 8,200 Cosmi shotguns have been manufactured since 1930 (the design dates back to 1925). They are known for their unique mechanism and high-quality fabrication techniques. Since each gun's parts are made separately (and individually serial numbered), most components are not interchangeable from one gun to another.

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