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Current manufacturer established circa 1950s and located in Herstal, Belgium. No current importation. Previously imported and distributed by New England Arms Corp. located in Kittery Point, ME.
Henri Dumoulin was the grandfather of the current owner of the Ernest Dumoulin and Dumoulin Herstal company. He began Henri Dumoulin & Fils during the late 1950s and worked with his 2 sons, Ernest and Noël. They were famous for their bolt action rifles based on k98 actions.
During the 1980s, Henri sold the company to Mr. Aukes from the Netherlands and worked with him until the early 1990s when his uncle died. Mr. Aukes continues the production of rifles under the name Henri Dumoulin & Fils. The company specializes in big-bore, high quality rifles, generally built on Mauser 98 or commercial Mauser actions. The improved double square bridge Imperial Magnum action was developed and introduced in 1987.

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