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Current manufacturer established in 1891, and located in High Wycombe, England since 1996. Previously imported until 2001 by Aspen Outfitters, located in Aspen, CO. Previously manufactured in London, England. This company underwent various trading forms until Churchill, Atkin, Grant & Lang Ltd. closed in 1981. Currently, Churchill Gunmakers' rifles and shotguns are manufactured in High Wycombe, England. Due to space considerations, individual model listings are not provided in this text, but are available online free of charge. Please visit the Removed Manufacturer's List at bluebookofgunvalues.com.
Churchill Guns are very fine quality, and can be ordered with many custom features. We will list both discontinued and current models and approximate values, but strongly urge competent appraisal if purchase or sale is contemplated.
All new prices do not include English VAT. Please contact the company directly for current retail pricing (see Trademark Index).
Values for used guns in 98%-60% condition factors are priced in U.S. dollars.

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