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Current manufacturer established in 1900, located in Brescia, Italy. Currently imported by Fabarm USA beginning 2012, located in Cambridge, MD. Previously imported by Tristar, located in Kansas City, MO circa 2007-2009. Select models previously retailed until 2012 by Bill Hanus Birdguns, LLC, located in Newport, OR. Previously imported by SIG Arms during 2005, located in Exeter, NH, and by Heckler & Koch, Inc. 1998-2004. Certain models had limited importation by Ithaca Acquisition Corp. located in King Ferry, NY during 1993-1995. Previously imported and distributed (1988-1990) by St. Lawrence Sales, Inc. located in Lake Orion, MI. Previously imported until 1986 by Beeman Precision Arms, Inc. located in Santa Rosa, CA.
Fabarm currently manufactures approx. 35,000 long guns annually.
Fabarm manufactures a wide variety of shotguns, rifles, and double rifles in assorted configurations, with many options available. Please contact the importer directly for more information, including current model availability and delivery time (see Trademark Index).
Due to space considerations, individual model listings are not provided in this text, but are available online free of charge. Please visit the Removed Manufacturer's List at bluebookofgunvalues.com.

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