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FABBRI s.n.c.
Current manufacturer established during 1965, and currently located in Nave (Brescia), Italy (previously located in Concescio). Consumer direct sales.
Ivo Fabbri and Daniele Perazzi were partners in a shotgun manufacturing business beginning in 1960 - these guns are ser. no. 5001-5339. Circa 1965, Fabbri and Perazzi split up and formed their own individual companies. "Armi Fabbri" relocated from Brescia to Concesio during 1969 and underwent a name change from Armi Fabbri to Fabbri s.n.c. during 1989. The first CNC machine was installed during 1974. Currently, Fabbri s.n.c. engravers include Creative Art, Pedersoli, Torcoli, and Fracassi. Fabbri manufactures perhaps the highest quality shotguns available in today's marketplace - approx. 20-30 guns are manufactured annually. Delivery times range from 2-4 years.

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