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Previous importer and assembler located in Washington, D.C.
F.I.C. manufactured and imported various pistols, rifles, and shotguns, including AYA, Astra (mostly Star D models), Bronco (.22 LR cal. single shot rifles and .410 bore single shot shotguns - see listings under Bronco), FN Supreme Mauser bolt action rifles, Iver Johnson Pony handguns, Rossi .22 cal. rifles, Sako rifles, Star pistols, and Unique pistols and rifles.
F.I.C. sold less than 100 Pony .380 ACPs, which were marked Colt before the Mustang was introduced - these are rare. While some models are relatively rare, collectability to date has been minimal and most models sell in the $150-$295 range, depending on overall desirability and condition.
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