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Currently manufactured by Glock GmbH in Austria beginning 1983. Sales in the U.S. began in 1986. Glock also opened a production facility for manufacturing its polymer frames and assembling complete pistols in Smyrna, GA during late 2005. Exclusively imported and distributed by Glock, Inc. USA, located in Smyrna, GA. Distributor and dealer sales.
All Glock pistols have a "safe action" constant operating system (double action mode) which includes trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. Glock pistols have only 35 parts for reliability and simplicity of operation. With approximately 170 or more variations, over 10 million Glock semi-auto pistols have been manufactured since 1983.

In 1995 the Glock Collector's Association was formed. To date Glock has manufactured commemoratives (see Pistols: Semi-Auto, Commemoratives in this section), specially marked, and engraved models, plus the agency and police marked variations. By joining the Glock Collector's Association, members can find out the history of the most desirable G17-G43 civilian models. Please refer to Firearms/Shooting Organizations for more information on the Glock Collector's Association, including how to join.

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