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Current action/related components and previous firearms manufacturer located in Phoenix, AZ. Previously located in Prescott, AZ. Consumer and dealer sales.
Granite Mountain Arms, Inc. currently manufactures precision rifle actions based on the Mauser 98, in addition to related components. Various custom gun makers utilize Granite Mountain Arms' actions for their custom rifles. Granite Mountain Arms previously manufactured a double square bridge Mauser magnum rifle and action, available in four sizes, in both left and right-hand. Sizes ranged from Short Magnum, Standard Magnum, Express Magnum, and the African Express Magnum for the largest of calibers such as the .505 Gibbs and the .585 cal. Rifles started at $9,500 and went up accordingly, depending on features, caliber, and other specifications. Additionally, custom rifle manufacturers also use Granite Mountain Arms, Inc. actions to build their own bolt action rifles. Please contact the company directly for more information, including availability and pricing (see Trademark Index).

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