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Current custom gunsmith, rifle manufacturer, and importer established in 1923, with store locations in Bernardsville, NJ (gunsmithing also), and Greenwich, CT. Griffin & Howe also had a NY City store location until April, 2003.
Founded in 1923 by Seymour Griffin and James Howe, Griffin & Howe continues to build its custom rifles as well as providing the full spectrum of gunsmithing services and importation of fine English guns.
Griffin & Howe has been building custom rifles since 1923. Prices may vary greatly depending on configuration, desirability, condition, quality of wood, and special features. Most used Griffin & Howe Custom Rifles in average condition and without special engraving start at $4,500+ and rise according to condition and nature of the individual gun. Since 1923, fewer than 2,800 have been made, not including rifles that have been re-barreled by G&H and are so marked. In 1930, Griffin & Howe became a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch and remained with them until 1976, when it became a privately held company. Because all Griffin & Howe rifles are essentially special ordered, accurate pricing can be ascertained only by examining each individual gun. Low production, coupled with the amount of experienced sportsmen who prefer to hunt using a vintage bolt action have resulted in values climbing in recent years. Very few show up at gun shows or auctions. Elaborate specimens by this maker/trademark will command over $10,000. Engraving by Joseph Fugger, Winston Churchill, Robert Swartley, or Rudolph Kornbrath will add multiples to the value.
During 2011, Griffin & Howe acquired the sales records of Von Lengerke & Detmold and Abercrombie & Fitch. These records cover the recording sales and inventory between 1901-1976. Within the records, most of the "new sales" are grouped by make and model. Please visit for more information on how to access these older records.
Pricing on new custom rifles, with a wide selection of options, is available directly from Griffin & Howe.

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