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Previous manufacturer located in Gardner, MA - formerly from Worcester, MA. Successors to Wesson & Harrington, manufactured from 1871 until January 24, 1986. H & R 1871, LLC was formed during 1991 (an entirely different company). H & R 1871, LLC is not responsible for the warranties or safety of older pre-1986 H & R firearms.
A manufacturer of utilitarian firearms for over 115 years, H & R ceased operation on January 24, 1986. Even though new manufacture (under H & R 1871, LLC) is utilizing the H & R trademark, the discontinuance of older models in either NIB or mint condition may command slight asking premiums, but probably will not affect values on those handguns only recently discontinued. Most H & R firearms are still purchased for their shooting value rather than collecting potential. In recent years, pre-1950s examples have become increasingly more collectible.
Further recent research indicates that many H&R frames were manufactured and stamped with serial numbers in the mid-1930s, but not assembled as complete guns until the WWII era. Therefore, H&R serial numbers alone will not always indicate the variation number.
Please refer to H & R listing in the Serialization section online at bluebookofgunvalues.com for alphabetical suffix information on how to determine year of manufacture for most H & R firearms between 1940-1982.
The author would like to thank the late Mr. Jim Hauff and the late Mr. W.E. "Bill" Goforth for providing pricing and information on many of the H&R models.

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