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Current manufacturer established in 1865 and located in Gleichamberg, Germany since 1995. Currently imported beginning 2006 by Double Gun Imports LLC, located in Dallas, TX. Limited importation 1999-2005 by New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd., located in Plainfield, NH. During 1998, Heym underwent a management change. The company name was changed from Heym Waffenfabrik AG to Heym AG during mid-2007. Previously manufactured in Muennerstadt, Germany circa 1952-1995 and Suhl, Germany between 1865-1945. Originally founded in 1865 by F.W. Heym. Previously imported by JagerSport, Ltd. located in Cranston, RI 1993-94 only, Heckler & Koch, Inc. (until 1993) located in Sterling, VA, Heym America, Inc. (subsidiary of F.W. Heym of W. Germany) located in Fort Wayne, IN, and originally by Paul Jaeger, Inc. 1970-1986.
Please contact the importer for more information, current pricing and domestic model availability (see Trademark Index).
Pre-war guns in 95%+ original condition will bring a premium over values listed.

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