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Current manufacturer established in 1835 and located in London, England since 1835, with gun showrooms currently located in New York City, NY, and London, England. The Paris, France location closed during 2007.
Holland & Holland over the years has justly earned the reputation of producing some of the finest firearms ever manufactured, exhibiting outstanding quality and superior craftsmanship. Most of these fine arms were made to order for the famous, wealthy, or royalty of their day. Because of the individual nature of each firearm, these early guns, as with any high grade item, must be individually appraised.
All H&H long guns are built per individual special order. Orders may be placed directly with the office in England (see Trademark Index).
The early double rifles were proofed and regulated with the black powder ammunition of their day. These exposed hammer rifles were almost exclusively sold cased with accessories by Holland & Holland, and are seldom encountered today. Purchase of these as well as any high grade firearm should include trusted appraisal.

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