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Current trade name of long guns manufactured since 1909 in Leicestershire, England. Consumer direct sales.
Founded by Thomas Naughton and G. O'Connor Holloway, Holloway & Co. manufactured traditional sidelock and boxlock shotguns, double and bolt action rifles in Birmingham. Naughton managed the company for approx. 15 years, when it was sold to H. Ludlow England, owner of Midland Gun Co. Naughton stayed on as manager, eventually buying back the company in early 1909, and changing the name to Holloway & Naughton. In 1911, the firm bought the name J.W. Tolley. Naughton died in 1921, and his son T.J. continued the business until the early 1950s.
Holloway & Naughton currently produces very high quality long guns, with many options, and a delivery time between 6 - 24 months. Please contact the factory directly (see Trademark Index) for more information including individual quotations. Holloway & Naughton makes 7-10 best quality, custom order only guns annually. They also perform all services, including engraving, in-house.

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