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Current shotgun manufacturer established in 1962, and located in Huglu, Turkey. Current exclusive importer beginning 2005 is CZ-USA, located in Kansas City, KS. Previously imported by TR Imports circa 2010-2012 and located in Fort Worth, TX. and imported 2002-2004 by Armsco Firearms Corp., located in Des Plaines, IL, and from 1999-2002 by Huglu USA, located in Rigby, ID.
Huglu makes a wide variety of quality O/U, semi-auto, and SxS shotguns available in all gauges, and are now imported by CZ-USA. Please refer to the CZ section for models and pricing for guns imported by CZ USA.
TR Imports imports the Silver Eagle line of shotguns, including O/U, SxS and semi-autos. Please refer to the TR Imports section for a listing of current models. Some Huglu models were imported 1999-2002 by Huglu USA, and are stamped "Huglu USA, Rigby, ID" on the barrel. Huglu USA Ltd. Co. was reorganized in January 2003 as H-Legacy Shotguns Ltd. Co., and is now a Huglu dealer. For more information, including current models, prices, and U.S. availability, please contact CZ-USA directly (see Trademark Index).

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