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Current manufacturer established circa 2009, and located in Israel. Currently imported beginning 2013 by IWI USA, Inc. located in Harrisburg, PA.
Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I.) is part of a group of companies specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing a variety of products for the international and national military and law enforcement. In early 2011 Carl Walther from Ulm, Germany indicated that it had reached a licensing agreement with I.W.I. Ltd. to manufacture a series of Uzi pistols in .22 LR cal. - manufacture was disc. in 2016. In late 2012, I.W.I. USA, Inc. was created to import the Tavor semi-auto rifle and centerfire Uzi Pro pistol. During 2014, I.W.I. USA, Inc. also started importing the Jericho (Current Mfg.) line of semi auto pistols. Additionally, I.W.I. USA imports Galil rifles and pistols. Please refer to these individual listings for more information.

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