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Current trademark established in 1888, and manufactured by J. Roberts & Son (Gunmakers) Ltd., located in West Sussex, U.K. Previous manufacture was in London. Currently imported by Buehler Custom Sporting Arms located in Medford, OR.
J. Roberts & Son (Gunmakers) Ltd. currently manufactures W.J. Jeffery shotguns, double rifles, and bolt action rifles. Many options are available, including calibers, special engraving, etc. Please contact the company directly for more information, including pricing, delivery time and availability (see Trademark Index).
In addition to making a complete line of their own shotguns and rifles, W.J. Jeffery also was subcontracted by many other exporters, distributors, and retailers, including London's famous Army & Navy department store (see separate listing). Many models were produced and, rather than list them individually, a generalized format has been adopted for determining values on both discontinued rifles and shotguns.
Current MSRs do not include English VAT.

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