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Previous manufacturer established circa 1979-1980 through 1993, and located in Hikutaia, New Zealand from 1979-1986, and Ipswich, Queensland, Australia from 1987-1993.
J. Jongmans was founded by Dutch-born John Jongmans. He built custom rifles, and manufactured a line of high quality rifles, actions, and barrels. Early bolt action receivers, whether octagonal or round, were made from the same (octagonal) investment castings and had a high parts rejection rate. Later receivers and bolt bodies were fully machined on CNC equipment.
Jongmans also built Miller (formerly De-Haas Miller) single shot rifles and actions under license. The late Dean Miller had contracted with Jongmans to supply approx. 150 actions, but investment casting again proved to be a problem with quality. Miller only made approx. 10-15 rifles with Jongmans' actions. Approx. 200 actions were made under the Jongmans brand, and most ended up in New Zealand or Australia.
Jongmans also supplied Farquharson-type single shot actions to the Farquharson Rifle Company of Melbourne, Australia. One completed rifle was purchased by Holland and Holland of London.
During 2009-2010, John Jongmans assembled a few Miller-type rifles using leftover parts. Any Jongmans gun should be evaluated individually for its features and shootability.

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