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Current manufacturer established in 1993, with headquarters located in Blauvelt, NY, and manufacturing in Worchester, MA. Distributor and dealer sales.
Kahr order number nomenclature is as follows:
M= Steel frame, 3-3.1 in. barrel, PM= Polymer frame, 3.1-3.24 in. barrel, KP= Polymer frame, 3.54-3.6, 2.53 in. barrel, K= Steel frame, 3.465-3.5 in. barrel, TP=Polymer frame, 3.965-4.04 in. barrel, KT= Steel frame, 3.965-4 in. barrel,CM= Polymer frame, 3-3.14 in. barrel, CW= Polymer frame, 3.65-3.64 in. barrel, CT= Polymer frame, 4-4.04 in. barrel.
First three numbers - 383= .380 ACP, 909= 9mm, 919= 9mm with External Safety, 404= .40 S&W, 414= .40 S&W with External Safety, 454= .45 ACP.
4th number - 0= Carbon steel, black oxide (disc.), 1= Carbon steel, nickel finish (disc.), 2= Carbon steel, black T finish (disc.), 3= Matte stainless steel, 4= Blackened stainless steel, 6= Polished stainless steel, Elite98 (disc.), 8= Polished stainless steel, Elite.
Letters at end - A= Required for certain older inventory items, N= Tritium night sights, NOVAK= Novak low profile Tritium night sights

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