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Previous manufacturer located in Clackamas, OR circa 1980-1991.
Kimber of Oregon went out of business with its final sale in 1991. In some models, magazines for these fine quality rifles are getting extremely hard to find with healthy premiums being asked. Once "B" suffix models were introduced, older manufacture started being referred to as "A" models.
Kimber of Oregon, Inc. was started by Jack Warne, who was originally from Australia and moved to Oregon in 1969 as an executive for Omark Industries. The Warne's purchased all rimfire tooling from Omark Industries after the manufacture of Australian Sportcos ceased. Jack Warne, together with his son Greg, started Kimber in the late 1970s. By 1980, the first Model 82s in .22 rimfire were being shipped. The name Kimber was originally derived from the small town in South Australia named Kimba. The spelling was changed due to commercial considerations.

From Blue Book Publications:

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