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Current trademark established in 1821 and manufactured by Atkin, Grant & Lang, located in Hertfordshire, England. No current U.S. importation.
During 1925, the company of Joseph Lang & Son amalgamated with Steven Grant & Son, forming the new company of Grant & Lang, Ltd. The company achieved notoriety for its unique thumbnail and key lock hand detachable sidelocks.
Prices indicated are for manufacturer's suggested retail and 100% condition factors are listed in English pounds. All new prices do not include VAT. Values for used guns in 98%-60% condition factors are priced in U.S. dollars.
Please contact the factory directly for more information and model availability (see Trademark Index). Atkin, Grant & Lang provide a useful historical research service on older Joseph Lang shotguns and rifles. The charge for this service is £25 per gun, and the company will give you all pertinent factory information regarding the history.

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