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Previous manufacturer circa 1901-1906. Company names and locations have been D.M. Lefever & Sons, Syracuse, NY (1901), D.M. Lefever, Sons & Co., Syracuse, NY (1901-1902), D.M. Lefever Gun Mfg., Defiance, OH (1903-1904), and D.M. Lefever Co., Bowling Green, OH (1905-1906).
"Uncle Dan Lefever" founded the Lefever Arms Co. in 1884. He left the company in 1901 to found the above listed companies. While all were short-lived, the last was dissolved in 1906 the year of his death. Lefever Arms Co. continued manufacturing shotguns until sold to Ithaca Gun Co. in 1916. Ithaca assembled the Lefever gun until circa 1921, when they started building the "Nitro Special".

From Blue Book Publications:

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