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Semi-auto pistol design originated by Georg Luger while at DWM, circa 1899. Several subsequent manufacturers - see main text for more information. Previous post-WWII manufacture (through 1997) was by Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme, located in Oberndorf, Germany.
Note: The Luger section in this book is arranged chronologically by year of manufacture under individual manufacturer/city arsenal headings.
Often times, year of production can be hard to nail down, especially on commercial models. An easier way to initially identify your Luger is to categorize by toggle marking first - then by chamber marking within groups (chronologically for dated chambers). Once you know period of manufacture, simply refer to the appropriate subheading in this section. While some rare variations will be excluded in this generalized overview, it will be very helpful to establish correct, basic knowledge about your particular Luger.
While many recently imported Lugers would make workable shooters, they have in no way lowered prices on 90%+ condition specimens with all matching original parts due to normal collector activity in original condition only pistols. Recently imported Lugers should have the importer's name visibly stamped on an exterior surface. Most of these recent imports are in the 9mm Para. - 4 in. barrel configuration. Recently imported Lugers with the importer's markings visible are typically priced in the $450-$700 range.
Every year more and more reblued, restrawed, regripped, reframed, and rebarreled Lugers are sold to unknowing military handgun collectors as rare variations. On any expensive contract variation, careful inspection for originality on all parts must be made before potentially purchasing. If in doubt, secure 2 or 3 additional appraisals/observations from qualified individuals. Lugers are a field in themselves and a specialized Winchester dealer would not be qualified to guesstimate the originality of these German handguns.
A final note on Lugers: Original pistols in 90%-100% condition have not been affected by the influx of recent imports as these newly imported guns are usually in 80% and lower condition or have been reblued.
It seems that every year the prices of top quality (98%+ condition) original Lugers get more expensive and less predictable. For this reason, the 100% values on many Lugers have been omitted intentionally, since rarity precludes accurate price evaluation in this condition factor. In many cases, the value for a mint original military Luger can double the 98% price listed.
For Borchardt models, please refer to Borchardt listing.
Values for all variations of Lugers assume a proper magazine and matching parts. All Lugers that were originally manufactured with numbered magazines should increase in value if that Luger has one or both original matching magazines.

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