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Current trademark of pistols and rifles with company headquarters located in Blauvelt, NY beginning 2010, with manufacturing facilities located in Pillager, MN, and by I.W.I. (Baby and Desert Eagle Series), located in Israel. During June of 2010, Kahr Arms purchased the assets of Magnum Research, Inc. Desert Eagle Series was manufactured 1998-2008 by IMI, located in Israel. Previously manufactured by Saco Defense located in Saco, ME during 1995-1998, and by TAAS/IMI (Israeli Military Industries) 1986-1995. .22 Rimfire semi-auto pistols (Mountain Eagle) were previously manufactured by Ram-Line. Single shot pistols (Lone Eagle) were manufactured by Magnum Research sub-contractors. Distributed by Magnum Research, Inc., in Minneapolis, MN. Dealer and distributor sales.

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