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Current importer established during 1956, and located in Martinsburg, WV beginning 2014. Previously located in Ridgefield, NJ, 1962-2002. Navy Arms imports were fabricated by various manufacturers including the Italian companies Davide Pedersoli & Co., Pietta & Co., and A. Uberti & C. Navy Arms also owns Old Western Scrounger ammo, which markets obsolete and hard-to-find ammo. Distributor and dealer sales.
Navy Arms has also sold a wide variety of original military firearms classified as curios and relics. Handguns included the Mauser Broomhandle, Japanese Nambu, Colt 1911 Government Model, Tokarev, Browning Hi-Power, S&W Model 1917, and others. Rifles included Mauser contract models, Japanese Type 38s, Enfields, FNs, Nagants, M1 Carbines, M1 Garands, Chinese SKSs, Egyptian Rashids, French MAS Model 1936s, among others. Most of these firearms are priced in the $75-$500 price range depending on desirability of model and condition.
In 2014, Navy Arms made an agreement with Browning Arms Company, licensees of the Winchester brand name for firearms, to have Winchester-branded 1873 replica rifles made for Navy Arms with features and upgrades unique to Navy Arms guns. These improvements include a factory installed short-stroke kit, squared off shotgun style buttstock, and deluxe grade American walnut stocks fully checkered with an oil finish and full octagonal barrels. Navy Arms receives these guns from Winchester without finish on the metal. The receiver and all furniture are then bone color case-hardened and the barrels blued. These guns will be produced annually on a limited basis and are only available from Navy Arms. For information and up-to-date pricing regarding recent Navy Arms black powder models, please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms by John Allen (also online).

From Blue Book Publications:

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