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Current manufacturer established circa 1976, and currently located in Provo, UT. Distributor and dealer sales.
North American Arms was originally founded under the name Rocky Mountain Arms circa 1974-1975 by noted handgun entrepreneur Dick Casull. During 1976-1977, the company's name was changed to North American Arms, and it became part of the Tally Corp. of Newbury Park, CA. North American Arms was relocated from Salt Lake City to Provo, UT in 1978, and moved again in 1984 to Spanish Fork, UT. During 1986-1987, Teleflex Corp., an aerospace company, bought North American Arms' parent company, the Tally Corp. In 1992, Teleflex decided to sell off the gunmaking company, and North American Arms was purchased by Sandy Chisholm, a Teleflex employee. The company relocated again in 1994 to Provo, UT.

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