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Previous bolt action rifle manufacturer located in Las Vegas, NV circa 1966-1971.
Vern O'Brien manufactured high quality bolt action rifles, many of which were chambered for proprietary calibers, including the .17 Mach 4, .17 Javelina, .17-222, .17-222 Mag., and .17-223. There were basically two grades - a Field Grade with rosewood forend tip and pistol grip, and a Presentation Grade with basket weave checkering, Javelina inlaid in the stock opposite the cheekpiece, and a diamond inlaid below the action. All rifles were based on the Sako L-461 action. Circa 1971, Vern O'Brien sold his company to H&R, which produced a rifle similar to his called the 317 Ultra Wildcat. Values are hard to predict in today's marketplace because so few are encountered. A starting price range for the Field Grade is $750-$1,400, and $1,150-$2,500 for the Presentation Grade.

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