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Previous manufacturer established in 1976 and closed in Jan. 2017. Olympic Arms headquarters was located in Olympia, WA.
Olympic Arms, Inc. was founded by Robert C. Schuetz, and began as Schuetzen Gun Works (SGW) in 1956, manufacturing barrels in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Prior to that Mr. Schuetz had been partnered in business with well known gunsmith P.O. Ackley. In 1975 the company moved to Olympia, Washington, and while its business in rifle barrels and barrel blanks thrived, it also began manufacturing complete custom bolt action rirfles. In 1982, Schuetzen Gun Works began to manufacture AR-15/M16 rifles and components under the trade name of Olympic Arms, Inc., while custom bolt action rifles continued to be produced under the SGW brand. In late 1987, Olympic Arms, Inc. acquired Safari Arms of Phoenix, AZ. As of Jan. 2004, the Safari Arms product name was discontinued, and all 1911 style products were manufactured in the Olympic Arms facility in Olympia, WA. Schuetzen Pistol Works was the in-house custom shop of Olympic Arms. Olympic Arms was one of the few AR-15 manufacturers to make every major component part in-house.

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