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Previously manufactured in Meriden, CT from 1866-1934. Remington took over production in 1934, and in 1938, the plant was moved to Ilion, NY. Over 4,500 "Transition Guns" (exhibiting Meriden and Ilion characteristics) were produced in Meriden between 1934-1937 and about 1,600 Parkers were manufactured at the Ilion location before production stopped circa 1942. Total production reached approx. 242,487.
During 2006, Remington Arms Co. announced the release of a new AAHE 28 ga. Parker, manufactured in the U.S. by Connecticut Shotgun Co.
95% of the original Parkers bought and sold each year are in 30% or less condition (referring to original case colors). Percentages on following pages refer to the amount of original case colors remaining on frame.
Parker Gun Identification & Serialization was published in late 2002, and has been reprinted due to popular demand. Compiled by using records from The Parker Story, Vols. I & II, this title features more than 100 detailed images allowing easy visual identification on the grades, frame sizes, and other important information. Additionally, listings on over 155,000 serial numbers are provided, specifying the original configuration, including grade, action type, extra features, stock configuration, gauge, and barrel length - an invaluable asset when determining original configuration on most Parkers Brothers shotguns. The author wishes to especially thank Mr. William Mullins, in addition to Charles Price, Roy Gunther, Louis C. Parker III, and Daniel Cote for sharing the following Parker production statistics with this publication.

From Blue Book Publications:

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