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Previous manufacturer 1992-2003, and located in Huntsville, TX since 1997. Previously located in Conroe, TX circa 1992-1997.
In addition to manufacturing the firearms listed, Phillips & Rogers also made a multi-caliber conversion cylinder for all Ruger .357 Mag., new model Blackhawk revolvers (disc. 1996) - the retail price was $145. Multi-caliber conversion cylinders were also available for the Ruger new Model Blackhawk (allows shooting .45 LC, .45 Win. Mag., or .45 ACP - retail price was $185) and the Ruger Super Blackhawk (converts .44 Mag. to .50 AE w/barrel change - $550). A new version of the Ruger .50 AE conversion was also available for $995.

From Blue Book Publications:

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