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Current firearms, black powder, replica firearms and accessories manufacturer established in 1962 by Knight Giuseppe Pietta and located in Gussago, Italy. Pietta single action revolvers are currently imported and distributed by Cabela's, located in Sidney, NE, Cimarron F.A. Co., located in Fredericksburg, TX, Dixie Gun Works, located in Union City, TN, E.M.F., located in Santa Ana, CA, Heritage, located in Miami, FL, Navy Arms, located in Martinsburg, WV, Taylor's & Co, located in Winchester, VA, Legacy Sports International (shotguns too), located in Reno, NV, and Traditions, located in Old Saybrook, CT. Importers also stamp their own brand names on Pietta firearms, but all guns have Pietta listed as a manufacturer.
The company introduced a modern SAA revolver during 2003, in cals. .357 Mag., .44-40 WCF, and .45 LC, and it was awarded Best Gun of the Year from SASS twice. During 2005, Pietta introduced the Challenge semi-auto shotgun line, which included the Mistral and the Zephyrus, and production began in 2006 (mostly European sales). These were followed by the Superior and Ghibli models, in addition to a line of tactical slide action shotguns.
Semi-auto shotguns were previously imported under the Verona name into the U.S. by Legacy Sports International in 12 and 20 gauge until 2010. Please refer to the Verona section for these older models.
During 2010, Pietta introduced the PPS50 carbine in .22 LR cal. with shrouded barrel, in addition to the MK85 .22 LR cal. pistol with shrouded barrel and side mounted magazine.

Pietta firearms may be listed separately under the importers - please refer to the individual listings.

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