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Previously manufactured in Sun Valley, CA. Manufactured between June 7, 1983 and December 15, 1984 - final plant closing was June 15, 1985.
Before manufacturing ceased in May of 1985, almost 10,000 pistols had been manufactured in 24 models, 12 variations, and 3 different calibers. In some instances, production on certain models was very limited and premiums for these low volume niches are starting to develop. Between June of 1983 and May of 1984, 9,968 handguns were manufactured with 75% of all 9mm Para. pistols being exported to Europe and 35% of 9mm Para. production employing a 10 groove barrel. Models manufactured after 1984 came equipped with an extended slide stop, long trigger, and beavertail grip safety. Production ser. nos. started at 02000 for right-hand models and 02100 for left-hand models. All but the first 200 (approx.) serial numbers started with "RF" and ended with "C" or "W." A few rare mis-marks are in circulation. Total mfg. for all models and variations was 9,968. Randall prototype serialization starts with a "T" - less than 45 were manufactured and these specimens command up to a 50% premium. In addition, 78 serial numbers under 2,000 were manufactured by special order.
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