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Current trademark established during 1735, with assembled barrels and actions currently manufactured by Blaser, located in Isny im Allgau, Germany, and finished and proofed beginning 2013 in London, England. Currently imported by Blaser USA located in San Antonio, TX beginning 2014. Previously manufactured in Paso Robles, CA 1997-circa 2012, in Dublin, Ireland from 1735-1897, and in London, England 1865-1996. Previously distributed domestically by John Rigby & Co. (Gunmakers), Inc., located in Paso Robles, CA. Previously imported by Griffin & Howe until 1998.
Original trade name was W. & J. Rigby circa 1820-1865, during the percussion era. Rigby has always been well-known for its dueling pistols. The first London Branch of J. Rigby was opened in 1865, and the Dublin Premises were closed during 1897. John Rigby became superintendent of the small arms factory at Enfield circa 1880, and was in charge of development for the .303 caliber rifle. The firm became a company in 1900, and has been responsible for many of the large caliber developments in both rifles and ammunition. During 1997, Rigby was acquired by an American investment group located in Paso Robles, CA.

After a prolonged period of time in the USA, John Rigby and Co. was bought by the Blaser/Mauser gunmaking group and repatriated to the UK in early 2013. Located in central London, the company is one of the last gunmakers in the city where guns are 'made out the back and sold in the front'. Managing director Marc Newton and Financial director Patricia Pugh, who both have a direct link to the firm though their time spent with Paul Roberts, are managing the new company. Working closely with Rigby's partners in Germany, a number of exciting projects are underway with the first coming to fruition in 2014. The company currently offers large caliber bolt action rifles, all built on Magnum Mauser actions in the famous .416 and .450 calibers amongst others. Shotguns are built on a bespoke basis.

The company was established in Dublin during 1775, however it has been regarded by many as being established in 1735. Historically speaking, John Rigby was not born until 1758, and it is thought that he either bought out an older gunmaking firm dating from 1735 and renamed it or a simple printing error in an early catalog that has stuck with the company over the passage of time.

Rigby is one of the world's finest gunmakers. A good portion of the guns they manufactured were custom built to customer specifications. Famous for their dueling pistols, fowling pistols and match rifles in the early years, Rigby went on to become one of the most famous rifle makers for hunting big game in India and Africa. With calibers such as the .450 3 1/4 in., .275, .350, .416 and .450 rimless in Rigby's repertoire, their enduring reputation lasts to the present date.

Please contact the company directly for more information on the currently manufactured models listed, including delivery time.
We will list the modern Rigby Guns with approximate values but strongly urge that if purchase or sale is contemplated, a professional appraisal be utilized.
Some information courtesy of Marc Newton.

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