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Current trademark established in 2013. The SKB Shotgun line is manufactured in Turkey by Akus and Akdas Makina. These companies are licensed to produce the SKB brand by the U.S. owners, SKB Shotguns, USA located in Omaha, NE. Previously manufactured by the SKB Arms Company located near Tokyo, Japan from 1855-until December, 2009. Dealer and distributor sales.
SKB Arms Company exported its first shotguns into the U.S. during 1966. SKB also manufactured shotguns for Browning, Weatherby, and Birmingham Small Arms (BSA). In 1986 SKB had produced its one millionth shotgun. In 1987, importation resumed on most SKB models. While the model numbers have changed, quality is similar to those models imported previously by Ithaca. In most cases, the newer models are derived closely from their previous counterparts. Listings in this section will differentiate older, disc. models from more recently imported models. Ithaca imported from 1968 to 1978, Mitsui and Co. Chicago, IL from 1980 to 1983, and G.U. Inc from 1987 to 2010.
Early in 2010, the owners made the difficult decision to close the SKB Shotguns factory and negotiated the sale of the brand name, mechanical drawings and all of the remaining parts to G.U. Inc.
SKB also manufactured other models and variations of O/Us and semi-autos (Models 1900 and 3000 Field) shotguns that were not imported into the U.S.

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