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Current customizer and Class II manufacturer located in Wintersville, OH.
SSK Industries manufactures complete guns, and furnishes a wide variety of gunsmithing services.
SSK Industries manufactures complete rifles and suppressors for police, military, and civilian use (where legal in accord with BATFE regulations). Their custom shop works on virtually anything 20mm or smaller.
SSK Industries used Thompson Center flatside frames and applied an industrial hard chrome finish prior to the introduction of stainless steel receivers. Most SSK handguns and rifles are extensively customized in exotic calibers, finishes, and various engraving options. Receivers and barrels could be purchased separately - values below are for complete assembled pistols.
SSK has also manufactured various limited editions including the Handgun Hunters International (HHI) Models 1, 2, and 3. Issue prices on these guns were $1,100 (Model 3), $1,200 (Model 2), and $1,300 (Model 1). Only 50 were mfg. total in 1987. SSK also customized a Ruger Super Redhawk (.44 Mag. or .45 LC cal.). This variation came with either a scoped 7 1/2 in. octagon barrel (Beauty Model) or a 6 in. bull barrel with muzzle brake (Beast Model). Prices started at $1,430 - add $245 extra for .45 LC cal.

From Blue Book Publications:

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