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Current manufacturer with production facilities located in Newport, NH, Prescott, AZ, and Mayodan, NC. Previously manufactured in Southport, CT 1949-1991 (corporate and administrative offices remain at this location). A second factory was opened in Newport, NH in 1963, and still produces single action revolvers, rifles and shotguns. During September 2013, Ruger purchased a 220,000 square foot facility in Mayodan, NC. New production began in late fall of 2013.
In January of 1949, partners William B. Ruger and Alexander Sturm began manufacturing .22 pistols in a leased 4,400 square foot wooden structure on Station St. in Southport, CT. By 1956 they acquired an additional 2,300 square feet that is today affectionately known as the Red Barn. By January of 1959 they completely moved into a newly finished building on Lacey Place, not too far from Station St. The company continued to expand its product line and in 1967 began producing long guns in a factory building located in Newport, NH. By 1988 Ruger set up another facility in Prescott, AZ to make the P-series center-fire pistols. In July 1991 they completely suspended production at Southport. The corporate offices remain there to this day. Then, in 2013 Ruger opened a third large factory in Mayodan, NC. Over time production of the extensive variety of products was divided up and dispersed among these facilities.
Red Barn on Station St. 1949-1959 pistols & revolvers
Lacey Place 1959-1991 pistols, revolvers & rifles
Pinetree Casting Newport, NH 1963 - current investment castings
Newport, NH 1967 - current shotguns, rifles, and since 1992 revolvers
Prescott, AZ 1990 - current all centerfire pistols and since 1992 rimfire pistols
Mayodan, NC 2013 - current modern rifles. In 2015 an additional line was also made up for producing SR22 pistols.

From 2004-2007 the Ruger Studio of Art & Decoration offered factory engraving on any current Ruger model. The engraving could range from presentation inscriptions to bas-relief and extensive gold in-laid masterpieces. Prices could range from a few hundred dollars to $40,000 or more.
Ruger emerged as America's largest small arms maker, and offers a complete line of firearms for sportsmen, law enforcement and military. Over a 67 year span, from five separate factories Ruger has shipped over 27 million firearms.
Alex Sturm passed away in November 1951. Bill Ruger carried on until July 6, 2002 when he too passed away at his home in Prescott, AZ. Ruger, America's greatest 20th century arms inventor is buried on his estate Corbin Park at Croydon, NH.

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