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Current pistol, rifle, and parts manufacturer located in Gardone, Italy. Currently imported by European American Armory located in Sharps, FL and on a limited basis by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) beginning 2011 and located in Amarillo, TX. Previously imported by K.B.I., located in Harrisburg, PA, and also by Excam, F.I.E., and others.
Tanfoglio manufactures a wide variety of high quality semi-auto pistols, including the Witness Series, and the Appeal semi-auto rifle which is currently imported by European American Armory Corp. (please refer to EAA in the E section). The company also released a series of Signature models during 2012 - these guns are imported exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG), and are listed in this section. Tanfoglio also manufactures a proprietary line of pistols, including competition models and the Raptor single shot, which has been mostly distributed in Europe.

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