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Previous trademark used by W.H. Baker & Co. and L.C. Smith Maker in Syracuse, NY on shotguns manufactured 1877-1888. See L.C. Smith section for listings of the Baker patented three-barrel and two-barrel guns.
This section covers the popular hammer and hammerless guns manufactured 1887-1919 by the Baker Gun & Forging Company, (founded by William H. & Ellis L. Baker) in Syracuse and Batavia, NY and the H&D Folsom Arms Co. 1920-1930 in Norwich, CT. These guns sold in substantial quantities (approx. 190,000) and they attracted a strong and devoted following.
The Baker sidelock shotgun is considered to be one of America's Classic shotguns. Like the L.C. Smith, Parker, LeFever, Fox and Ithaca, collector interest in these high quality sidelock shotguns is increasing.
The popular Baker Paragon grade hammerless shotguns were made to customer order, and the company went to great lengths to accommodate the customer's requests for configuration, finish and engraving. Therefore, no two guns are exactly alike. Paragon guns with damascus barrels with 80% or better original finish without pitting, reboring or polishing out are of equal or greater value as shotguns with Krupp steel barrels.
All 'Baker Grade' guns were available with the extra draw lug and firing pin block safeties. However, the 'Batavia Grade' guns did not have these features.
The Blue Book of Gun Values strongly recommends an expert examination and appraisal when contemplating the purchase of a high grade Baker in 80% or better original condition.

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