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Current firearms, black powder replicas and muzzleloading importer located in Old Saybrook, CT. Distributor and dealer sales.
During 2011-2012, Traditions discontinued all importation of modern firearms, and now offers a complete line of black powder replicas and muzzleloading shotguns and rifles, as well as a line of black powder shooting accessories. Beginning 2013, Traditions began the importation of SAA revolvers mfg. by Flli. Pietta of Italy. Until 2010, the company offered two proprietary single shot rifles, the Outfitter and Tip-Up models, in addition to select single shot (Pedersoli mfg.) rifles and accessories. Traditions previously imported a wide variety of Stefano Fausti shotguns until 2007, Emilio Rizzini shotguns from Italy, a semi-auto shotgun, and a line of Uberti mfg. black powder models. Please contact the company directly for more information (see Trademark Index).
Please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms by John Allen (also online) for more information and prices on Traditions' extensive lineup of modern black powder models. Due to space considerations, individual model listings are not provided in this text, but are available online free of charge. Please visit the Removed Manufacturer's List at

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