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Previous manufacturer located in Eibar, Spain. Previously imported exclusively by Aspen Outfitting Company, located in Aspen, CO.
Ignacio Ugartechea was founded in 1922 and was the oldest maker of side-by-side sidelock and boxlock shotguns in Spain (please refer to Armas Ugartechea for current information). From 1970 until the Parker-Hale name was sold in 1990 to Navy Arms, Ugartechea manufactured the popular line of Anson & Deeley boxlocks imported by Precision Sports in Cortland, NY. Precision Sports continued to import these guns under the Classic "600" name until 1994. Previously imported by Precision Sports, Inc. located in Cortland, NY until 1994, by Exel Arms in Gardener, MA until 1987 as the Exel Model 200 series, and by Jana, located in Denver, CO, dates unknown.
The importation of Parker-Hale shotguns was disc. in 1993. Please contact Aspen Outfitting Company for more information on older Ignacio Ugartechea models.
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