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Previous organization which marketed historically significant firearms reproductions until April, 1994. Located in Richmond, VA. Most firearms were manufactured by the Williamsburg Firearms Manufactory and the Virginia Firearms Manufactory.
On April 1, 1994, the Antique Arms Divison of the U.S. Historical Society was acquired by America Remembers located in Mechanicsville, VA. America Remembers affiliates include the Armed Forces Commemorative Society, American Heroes & Legends, and the United States Society of Arms and Armor. Issues that were not fully subscribed are now available through America Remembers (please refer to listing in A section).
The information listed below represents current information up until America Remembers acquired the Antique Arms Division of the U.S. Historical Society.
Please refer to the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms by John Allen (also online) for more information and prices on U.S. Historical Society's modern black powder models.

From Blue Book Publications:

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