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Current trademark manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI, previously called Israel Military Industries) and Carl Walther Sportwaffen GmbH (.22 cal. pistols/rifles only). Centerfire semi-auto pistols are currently imported beginning 2013 by IWI US, Inc., located in Harrisburg, PA. .22 cal. Uzi pistols and rifles are currently imported by Walther Arms, Inc. USA, located in Fort Smith, AR. Uzi America, a partnership between IWI and Mossberg, is currently importing a 9mm Para. and .40 S&W cal. submachine gun carbine built on the mini-Uzi receiver for the law enforcement market. During 1996-1998, Mossberg imported the Uzi Eagle pistols. These models were imported by UZI America, Inc., subsidiary of O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Previously imported by Action Arms, Ltd., located in Philadelphia, PA until 1994.
Serial number prefixes used on Uzi Firearms are as follows: "SA" on all 9mm Para. semi-auto carbines Models A and B; "45 SA" on all .45 ACP Model B carbines; "41 SA" on all .41 AE Model B carbines; "MC" on all 9mm Para. (only cal. made) semi-auto mini-carbines; "UP" on 9mm Para. semi-auto Uzi pistols, except Eagle Series pistols; and "45 UP" on all .45 semi-auto Uzi pistols (disc. 1989). There are also prototypes or experimental Uzis with either "AA" or "AAL" prefixes - these are rare and will command premiums over values listed below.

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