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The German word Vierling denotes a four-barrel long arm configuration, mostly manufactured in Germany and Austria.
This configuration of long arm has four barrels, usually a mixture of centerfire/rimfire caliber barrel(s) and shotgun barrel(s). Some Vierlings may also have all-shotgun barrels (rare) or all-rifle barrels (rare). Vierlings typically have two triggers, both single-set for use with the rifle barrels. Barrel selectors are usually on the top tang. In order to reduce weight, quite a few have actions made from high grade aluminum (Dural) with steel reinforcements in critical areas. This unusual configuration is mostly of German mfg., although there are a few Austrian specimens also (the gunmakers of Ferlach still custom-make this model). All Vierlings are mfg. one at a time, with fabrication being very complicated, lengthy, and expensive. Perhaps the most rare Vierling configuration is a gun with four shotgun barrels. Every Vierling must be appraised individually: most older-manufactured specimens, however, are priced in the $6,000-$15,000 range, depending on the desirability of the configuration, and overall condition. Recently and currently manufactured special-order Vierlings are expensive, with pricing typically starting at $35,000 +, depending on features, engraving, and other options.

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