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MODEL 1934

7.65mm or .380 ACP cal., (9mm Corto cal.), 3 3/8 in. barrel, fixed sights, blue, plastic grips, Italy's service weapon in WWII, one of the most common Beretta pistols - over one million manufactured between 1934-1980, many of the military pistols have a parkerized finish, usually with metal-backed grips, later guns have an alphabetical prefix. Post-war production (1946) serial numbers start with C00001. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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Similar Models:

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MODEL 1915-1917

later 7.65mm cal. variation, 8 shot mag., exaggerated slide stop, wood grips, sold commercially and to the military. A few marked "RM" were issued to the Italian Navy, ser. no. range 16,000-72,000. Mfg. 1917-1921.

MODEL 1935

7.65mm cal., otherwise similar to the Model 1934, 3 1/2 in. barrel, fixed sights, blue, plastic grips, the wartime model had poor finish, a small number had an experimental slide safety in ser. no. range 500,xxx, military issue was often parkerized. 525,000 mfg. 1935-1967.

Model PPK Party Leader

.32 ACP cal., named because grips (brown or black plastic) have the German eagle holding a Swastika, "Crown N" or "Eagle N" proofed, honor weapon awarded 3rd Reich political leaders, rare. Beware of fake grips (especially black color), as reproductions have been made recently. Unfortunately, the grips on a Party Leader (mfg. 1936-41) are the only distinguishing feature on this very desirable configuration.

MODEL 1932

7.65mm (rare) or 9mm Corto (most common) cal., two variations including straight and curved rear grip strap, smooth wood grips bearing PB monogram (commercial) or RM monogram (Italian Navy). 8,000 mfg. in ser. no. range 400,000-408,000.


.22 LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, or .380 ACP cal., PPK designates "Polizei Pistole Kriminal" 3 1/4 in. barrel, blue, gold, nickel, or chrome silver, fixed sights, plastic grips. Mfg. circa 1930-1940.

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