BERETTA Pistols: Semi-Auto, Model 92 & Variations - 4.3 in. barrel MODEL 92D CENTURION
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9mm Para. cal., compact variation with 4.3 in. barrel, plastic grips only, without safety, choice of 3-dot or Tritium sights. Mfg. 1994-98. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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Similar Models:

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9mm Para. cal., similar to Model 92F, except has compact barrel slide unit with full size frame, 4.3 in. barrel, choice of plastic or wood grips, 3-dot sight system, same length as Model 92F Compact, 10 (C/B 1994) or 15* shot mag., 33.2 oz. Mfg. 1992-98.


same features as the Model 92FS, except has 4.3 in. barrel, overall height is 5.3 in., Bruniton matte finish, choice of single/double or double action only (disc. 1998), plastic grips, single column 8 shot mag., 30.9 oz. Mfg. 1998-2003.

Model 96D Centurion

similar to Model 96D, except is compact variation with 4.3 in. barrel, 3-dot sights. Mfg. 1994-98.


9mm Para. cal., double action only, otherwise similar to Model 92F, except does not have a manual safety lever, includes black plastic grips, 3-dot sights, 33.8 oz. Introduced 1992 - disc. 1998.

Model 92FS & 92F Stainless (Inox)

9mm Para. cal., similar to Model 92F/92FS, except is mfg. from stainless steel, satin finish with plastic grips, 3-dot sights. Initially released to law enforcement agencies only beginning circa 1990. Disc. 2012. Reintroduced 2014, mfg. in Accokeek, MD or Brescia, Italy.

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