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later production small Francotte action on Australian contract by W.W. Greener and BSA, circa 1910. There is pricing information available for purchase for this model. This data is available in the following options:

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turn of the century British empire trainer with Belgian Francotte patent, small size modular Martini action.

Martini Cadet Australian Junior

.310 cal., mfg. by BSA and W.W. Greener, Francotte patent one-piece take out action, various rear sight configurations, some have been converted to modern cartridges.

.22 No. 7

postwar rimfire trainer on No. 4 action, British model has magazine feed, the Long Branch is designated "C No. 7" but is single shot only, originally issued in chest. Mfg. in England by BSA and in Canada by Long Branch.


12 ga. only, famed general purpose (GP) English shotgun configuration featuring Greener Martini action, 28 or 30 in. barrel, walnut stock and forearm. Disc. 1999.


conversion of .450 M.-H. with Metford rifling, converted markings are stamped on left side of receiver. Artillery & Cavalry carbines are more prolific than the rifles, Artillery models are marked "A.C." with Mark number on left side of the receiver, Cavalry models are marked "C.C." followed by the Mark number. Metfords are much rarer than ensuing Martini-Enfield models, only made between 1889 and 1895, with more carbines converted than rifles. A small number of rifles were converted only for the colonies of Natal, South Australia, Western Australia, and Canada. Most Martini-Metfords are marked "M.M. .303" on the left side of the action body whereas Martini-Enfields are marked "M.E. .303".

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