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9mm Para. and 7.65mm Luger cal., post-war commercial variation of the P.38 with steel slide and alloy frame, 5 in. barrel, 8 shot mag., blue or phosphate finish, black plastic grips. Disc.


.22 LR or .25 ACP cal., DA/SA, updated version of Model 9, 6 shot, 2.6 in. barrel, concealed hammer, 12 oz. Mfg. 1961-1971.


7.65mm Luger, 9mm Para., or 9x21mm cal., DA, alloy frame, ejection port on left side, frame mounted decocking lever, 3 1/2 in. barrel, adj. rear sight, blue finish only, 8 shot mag., auto safeties, 28 oz. New 1977-currently imported by Earl's Repair Service.


9mm Para., 9x21mm (limited importation 1996), or .40 S&W (new 1999) cal., SFO, 4 (9mm Para.) or 4.1 (.40 S&W) in. barrel, polymer frame, 10, 12 (.40 S&W cal. only), 15, or 16 (9mm Para. cal. only, disc. 2006) shot mag., standard, anti-stress (traditional double action, AS Model, new 2004), or quick action (QA, allowing consistent SA trigger performance) trigger, decocking, and internal striker safeties, cocking and loaded chamber indicators, choice of matte black, QPQ (mfg. 1999-2003) finished (silver colored) slide, or titanium coated (mfg. 2003-2006) finish, ambidextrous mag. release, ergonomic black, desert tan (disc. 2008), or green (Military model, new 1999) synthetic grip with interchangeable backstrap, adj. rear sight, 25 oz. Importation began 1995.

P99 Compact

9mm Para. or .40 S&W cal., SFO, 3 1/2 in. barrel, 8 (.40 S&W cal.) or 10 shot mag. with finger extension, available in QA, AS, or DAO (disc. 2006), Weaver rail, compact frame, blue finish only, 20 oz. New 2004.

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